A new large-scale festival for teenagers will be held in Moscow

Moscow will host a large-scale college festival with dozens of entertainment events, and the My Career center has launched an additional career guidance program for ninth-graders who want to receive secondary vocational education, said Anastasia Rakova, deputy mayor of the capital for social development. According to her, this is how Moscow continues to develop opportunities for children’s professional self-determination to help them choose a college and build a career.

“Today, representatives of blue-collar professions are increasingly in demand. Experts clearly agree that this trend will only intensify in the future. And we can say with confidence that our colleges truly prepare for the professions of the future. Understanding this, we are seriously investing in the development of secondary vocational education. At the same time, we see that it is very difficult for children to choose the right profession to which they are ready to devote their entire lives.”

Anastasia Rakova

The large-scale festival will be held from October 28 to November 3 in 46 colleges. During the holidays, for teenagers from grades 9 and 10, spectacular competitions, games and immersive shows will take place – in total more than 80 events that will be dedicated to various professions in industry, IT, robotics, and creative industries. These are robot battles, gastro battles, drifting, bike shows and others. This way, children will be able to get to know the college in an informal setting, learn the details of admission and training in order to make an informed choice. Admission is free, pre-registration and further information are available at portal festival

“Starting today, we are launching a special program for ninth-grade students who are considering studying at colleges,” Rakova also said. — It gives you the opportunity to undergo professional testing absolutely free of charge at the “My Career” center. And not only to understand what the teenager has more abilities and desires for, but also to receive individual advice on what profession is suitable for him, based on his priorities. Career consultants will tell you how this profession is in demand on the Moscow labor market, what its prospects are and, most importantly, what colleges are currently training for this profession. At the center you can immediately get acquainted with these colleges and arrange possible training in the institution that best suits the child.”

In addition, the “My Career” center will host “Parental Career Guidance Saturdays”, which adults will be able to attend.

“We will communicate with parents, answer their questions about what prospects there are in the labor market today and how to help their child not only have a successful career, but also receive a guaranteed decent income to support themselves and their family in the future,” noted vice mayor

As the Moscow Social Complex said, in the 2023 academic year, a large-scale transformation of secondary vocational education was launched in the capital. Since September 1, half of first-year students are already studying in 94 new programs, compiled together with large employers and focused on their real needs. They increase practical hours by up to 70 percent to provide real-world skills rather than theory. According to them, students will receive several professions at once in order to be more in demand. In addition, as noted in the Social Complex, the city is developing a long-term partnership with employers. This year, college admission figures have been compiled along with them keeping in mind the actual economic situation and market needs. In just one year, colleges have acquired more than 200 partner enterprises. In the coming years, 230 production workshops will be modernized in the capital and 90 new ones will be created. It is also planned to build new modern colleges, closer to real production.

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