A native of Azerbaijan hit a policeman during his arrest

In Ufa, law enforcement officers responded to a call to a residential building. A man living in the apartment met the police aggressively and came under investigation.

On October 14, residents of one of the apartment buildings in Ufa called the police. In their opinion, one of the men threatened his former partner.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the indicated apartment, where they were met by a man, a native of Azerbaijan. He reacted aggressively to the police visit. When they offered the attacker to enter the department, he hit one of the law enforcement officers in the face.

They managed to stop the man and handcuff him, however, during these actions, another employee injured his hand.

How reports, the visitor was accused of using violence against a government official. He is now in the Temporary Detention Center for Foreign Citizens.

Source: Rambler

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