A “heavy object” was found stuck in the mud near the Balticconnector pipe

Near the site where the Balticconnector gas pipeline was damaged, a “heavy object” was found stuck in the clayey silt at the very bottom. So far the police have not been able to determine what kind of object it is.

The investigation confirmed that the damage to the pipe was caused by an external mechanical force and not by an explosion.

“A lump of newly layered soil was discovered at the bottom of the sea, which apparently contained some very heavy object. Now we are finding out what kind of object it is and whether it is related to the damage to the pipe,” said Police Commissioner Risto Lohi.

Police concentrate on the role of the Newnew White Bear, which passed near the site of the pipe damage under the Hong Kong flag.

The head of the Finnish Center for Combating Hybrid Threats, Jukka Savolainen, admitted that the gas pipeline could have been damaged by the anchor.

Source: Rambler

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