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Yulia Mikhalchik. “The factory is a powerful transformation in the shortest possible time”

Talented and sincere – this is how Yulia Mikhalchik was remembered by the audience of “Star Factory”. More than 20 years have passed since the release of the television project with the participation of the artist. Today Julia combines creativity and raising her son. In an interview with Rambler, the singer recalled how she got on the project, told why she is still grateful to the teachers and noted what is most important to her now.

When did you realize that you would connect your life with music?

There was no specific moment when I realized this. For as long as I can remember, I have always been involved in music, from early childhood. From the age of 6, I had pop and classical vocal classes, I constantly participated in competitions, appeared on stage as part of creative groups, studied with teachers, and separately studied at a music school. Before “Star Factory” I had a contract with MUZ-TV, my own songs, recording at the studio – for me, my family, my hometown, it was obvious that music was for life. After the project, there was no doubt left – I found myself and my calling.

First appearances on stage. How it was? Remember your emotions?

My first performances were before school, I was about five years old. I went around the factories of my hometown, singing the song “Kis-Kis-Meow”. My mother sewed me a cute suit with fur on the arms and a ponytail, I remember it clearly, as well as the performances themselves. The song was good, catchy, the audience really liked it and I got great pleasure from going on stage.

Yulia Mikhalchik

How did you get to the “Star Factory”?

I ended up on the project by accident. I came to Moscow for the final of the “Russian Debut” competition, where Alexander Valerievich Shulgin came. He invited me and another guy from St. Petersburg to come to the casting. I refused, and Sasha decided to try his luck and went. We lived in the Zvezdnaya Hotel, a five-minute walk from Ostankino, where the casting took place. Sasha stood in line and called me and said: “Come, it doesn’t cost you anything.” I came and stayed until the end of the project, despite the fact that I had not watched either the first or second season of Star Factory. I had things with me for three days, my parents gave me a suitcase by train. This is how one of the main events in my life happened.

Did you like the reality format, what was it like to live under cameras?

I don’t like the reality format at all, which is probably why I didn’t watch a single episode from the “star house”, and I practically didn’t see the Friday episodes, only my performances and some of the performances of other guys, in order to evaluate and understand how it was done.

Can you talk about the difficulties on the show? What was the most difficult thing?

I wouldn’t say that these were difficulties. There was such an intensity in classes, in events, in preparation – a powerful transformation in the shortest possible time, during these weeks we learned so much that other people learn over the years in show business. I love studying and have always loved it, this time was pleasant and useful for me.

Have there been any conflicts with other participants? Was there obvious competition?

You know, I have this property: I don’t remember something bad, I usually keep memories of something good. I don’t remember any significant conflicts, there was competition, but it was healthy – I wanted to sing better, perform better, not even in relation to others, but in relation to myself.

Maybe some funny, curious situations happened?

Over time, much has been erased from memory; this was 20 years ago. I felt like there were a lot of positive and funny things, but I don’t even remember the details.

What do you think the Factory has done for you now?

The project became a real springboard, a starting point, the beginning of a creative path, a real school of life for an artist. I am very grateful to this project for all the opportunities it gave me: for fame, experience, skills, I learned to control my own voice in a different way, I learned the basics of plasticity and organics. I still use all this knowledge and skills. I am grateful to all the teachers who were involved in this global, interesting, powerful project.

What projects occupy your time now?

Creative moments and, of course, my family. My son is growing up, I try to devote as much time as possible to him. I think that it is important for a woman to succeed not only in her career, but also not to miss out on personal things, especially children, in order to remain a friend, a close person for them. If I manage to combine two parts of my life – creative and personal – I feel like a happy person.

Yulia Mikhalchik

What gives you pleasure?

I enjoy a lot, I am glad that my profession gives me pleasure, it is great success and happiness when my favorite thing becomes my life’s work. There is even a saying about this: Find something you love and you will never have to work. Everything in life gives me pleasure, I am grateful for everything.

What are your dreams and plans for the future? In my career and personal life…

They exist: both global in creative terms, and earthly ones – necessary and important for a woman, but still I’ll save them for myself, because I want them to come true and it seems wrong to talk about this ahead of time. All grandiose plans and dreams, God willing, will come true. I really believe in this.

Source: Rambler

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