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‘You are my slave, I will throw you in Pau’, abusive father and husband arrested for stalking

A man stalked his wife and daughters after repeated abuse, including sexual assault, for which he was convicted.

He was obsessed with his wife and daughters and looked for them everywhere. He also threatened the relatives and teachers of girls aged 10 and 4 because he was convinced they would not allow him to see them, and also raped his wife. For this reason, investigators identified the 40-year-old man of Albanian origin as “extremely dangerous” and already in June last year sentenced him to 8 years and 6 months in prison for domestic abuse and for repeatedly sexually assaulting his wife. Awaiting the final verdict, he found himself in Ca del Ferro prison, this time accused of stalking the couple’s ex-husband and daughters.

“Cremona will remember me, I will burn everything”

According to local press reports, the 40-year-old man works as a bricklayer and travels around Italy for work. The police tracked him down and found him yesterday, Wednesday, October 18, in Cremona. Investigators called him an “extremely dangerous” person.

The first investigation against him for abuse and sexual violence began in early 2022, when his 32-year-old wife came to the police station in horror and reported her husband, a jealous “master father” who, since 2017, had been living within the family – this is hell.

Several cruel sentences were reported from this man in front of friends and family: “You’re not doing shit, you’re just being supported, you’re my slave.” The woman was isolated at home, and the man deliberately damaged the smartphone to isolate her. Then he also threatened her with death: “You are the lip of my life, you are mine, don’t go out without me, otherwise I will kill you. I will order you to be killed, I will throw you into Po.”

The woman was beaten, kicked and punched, but “out of fear” she never went to the emergency room. He constantly raped her because, he repeated to her, “you are mine, you must do whatever I want, otherwise I will kick you out of the house and take your daughters from you.” The abuse also took place in front of his daughters.

Following a complaint, the mother and daughters were removed from the home and taken to a safe location in the community. But, fearing a meeting with a violent husband and father, they rarely went out, only together with a public teacher. At school, the teachers found a trick: they let the girls through the middle door. But the cruel father did not stop looking for them at school and in parks. Even after conviction. Now he is in prison.

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