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“Worthy change”: a six-year-old son silenced Ksenia Sobchak with a few words

The child answered the question where he wants to live rather sharply

Ksenia Sobchak is raising Plato’s heir from her ex-husband, actor Maxim Vitorgan. The boy is growing up very smart and handsome, for which he regularly receives compliments from Russians. This time the child surprised the audience by communicating with a celebrity. The journalist published a family video on her microblog on the social network. In the footage, she and her son are driving to school in a car.

Along the way, Ksenia and Plato have a serious conversation. The TV personality asks the boy where he would like to live. The child literally shuts her up with his harsh answer.

“In Russia!”. Then the presenter asks: “Why?” “The hard answer is in Russia!” – Plato declares, banging his fist and rolling his eyes expressively.

Sobchak’s subscribers were simultaneously surprised, amused and even angry by her dialogue with her son.

“Platoshechka sees Russia from the window of a luxurious house, snacks on delicacies and rides in a luxury car. This is the kind of Russia I want to live in,” “Ksenia speaks through the mouth of Plato. You are instilling wonderful values ​​in your son,” “Hard answer. Because, mother, the way they feed us in Russia, they won’t feed us anywhere. A worthy replacement, a copy of the mother,” “What he hears at home is what he says,” “Even though the son thinks sensibly, he is a true patriot of his homeland,” followers write in the comments.

Note that the blonde star does not hide the fact that she has an Israeli passport. And recently Ksenia Sobchak spoke about her possible mobilization into the Israeli army. The journalist commented on conversations about possible participation in hostilities in her second historical homeland. According to the socialite, “four different blood flows in her, including Jewish.”

Source: Rambler

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