Forecasts indicate a decline of 2 cents for diesel and 2.5 cents for gasoline, according to News in a minute.

According to the General Directorate of Energy and Geology, regular diesel fuel currently costs an average of 1,722 euros/liter, and regular gasoline 95 costs an average of 1,776 euros/liter.(GDGEG).

Which gas stations are the cheapest?

According to DGEG, these are the cheapest distributors in the country:


Auchan Famalican – 1669 euros.

Auchan Viseu – 1669 euros

Auchan Castelo Branco – 1679 euros.


Auchan Castelo Branco – 1629 euros.

Intermarsh Vilar Formoso – 51,639

Auchan Famalican – 1639 euros.