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Victoria Daineko said that her ex-husband rarely sees her daughter

Victoria Daineko divorced drummer Dmitry Kleiman in 2017. The ex-spouses failed to reach an agreement. The artist said that the man devotes little time to his daughter.

Victoria admits that she is offended by Dmitry’s actions. The singer notes that the drummer does not often see his daughter. The artist explains to her daughter that her father loves her, but works a lot, so he has little time to meet.

“She is already quite old, she will soon be eight years old, and I generally suggest that she resolve all issues with her dad directly,” Victoria said in the program “The Stars Aligned” on NTV.

Victoria shared that due to the age of the heiress, she no longer has the need to be an intermediary between her daughter and ex-husband.

Daineko noted that Dmitry does not understand how much Lydia needs her father. Victoria said that Kleiman lives outside the city and has a busy schedule. The singer admitted that she was forced to quarrel with her ex-husband. After this, Dmitry begins dating his daughter again, but then disappears again.

Victoria admits that she cannot force Dmitry to be a good father and Lydia knows that Daineko does not like her father.

Let us remind you that Victoria Daineko admittedthat he does not communicate with his former lover Alexei Vorobyov.

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