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Vaikule reported that she has no business in Russia

The media and social networks are discussing how Laima Vaikule continues to earn money in Russia despite the fact that she constantly criticizes Russia. Presumably, she is listed as a top manager at Laimalux Rus, which is currently being audited by the Federal Tax Service. About it writes StarHit.

However, Vaikule, in an interview with Latvian journalists, denied receiving profits from the Russian Federation.

“Everyone is making it up. I have nothing in Russia, I am nobody. You can absolutely relax. All the business I had was in my name, but I didn’t receive anything. Do not worry. You can’t take away what doesn’t exist. I had a company in which I had a share, but I immediately gave it all away. I, as a businesswoman, do not exist either on paper or in reality. Therefore, they are trying in vain,” the singer explained.

In 2022, it was reported that the artist, who had left Russia, was leaving the founders of the brand, which she founded together with businessman Shiraz Mamedov in the early 90s. A year later, the performer has not left the business: according to the portal, currently 51 percent of the share in the organization is owned by partner Vaikule, and 49 percent belongs to the company LAIMALUKSS, owned by the singer and her husband.

In turn, Mamedov said that he planned to buy out the share of the artist and her husband a year ago, but bureaucratic difficulties arose when preparing the documents, since Vaikule is a resident of another country.

Source: Rambler

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