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Uspenskaya spoke about the marriage proposal from Kirkorov

Pop singer Lyubov Uspenskaya during the course of Philip Kirkorov proposed marriage to her.

The 69-year-old celebrity noted that she was already married then and was in America. According to her, she only laughed at Kirkorov’s act, and a week after the incident he married Alla Pugacheva.

“This is a man who plays and lies all his life. He (Kirkorov) is a fake. <...> It was just funny to me. And then a week later he married Alla Pugacheva. But I won’t open my mouth and tell all the secrets of our show business,” said Uspenskaya, emphasizing that she will never make peace with her stage colleague because he “goes too far” and provokes scandals.

Earlier, Philip Kirkorov spoke for the first time about a possible marriage to his stage colleague, the famous singer Mila Romanidi. The artist herself recalled that Kirkorov’s mother admitted that both performers “merged their voices well.”

Source: Rambler

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