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Tired of keeping 40-year-old children at home: mother filed a lawsuit and evicted them

According to the judges, there is no longer any maintenance obligation on the mother’s part since they are both adults and economically independent.

At 70, she still had to look after two children, despite repeated offers to find separate housing. Therefore, the mother had to go to court to evict her two “big kids” from the house. The story, somewhat paradoxical, comes from Pavia. Here, Simone Caterby, a 75-year-old woman, decided to sue her two children, aged 42 and 40 respectively, and the court agreed with her. By December 18, they will be forced to leave their mother’s house.

In fact, the court found that both children were adults and both had jobs that allowed them to support themselves. The judges found that “the obligation to support the parent no longer appears to be justified” given the fact that “the two defendants are over forty years of age.”

There was one detail that irritated the mother: they would never contribute to household expenses and would not help her with housework. Thus, the mother’s house turned into a kind of hotel for two men. Which will now have to close its doors until the end of the year.

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