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They were stung by a wasp: she ends up in the hospital, he dies

The couple was walking until they came across an insect.

The 64-year-old man of Polish origin apparently succumbed to anaphylactic shock and died in the afternoon at the Maggiore hospital in Bologna, a few hours after being stung by a wasp in the park around Villa Revedin, in the first hilly area. The condition of the woman who was with him, also a 64-year-old Polish woman, also bitten by an insect, was less severe.

The couple were rescued at around 3.30pm by 118 emergency services, which brought two ambulances and a medical vehicle, in Piazzale Baccelli, near the Archbishop’s Seminary. For all we know, the two likely had allergies and felt unwell shortly after being bitten, possibly while walking in the countryside. The man, who immediately found himself in serious condition, was taken to Major: having been loaded into an ambulance already in cardiac arrest, he was resuscitated in the hospital and in the emergency department, where he, unfortunately, died. The woman, however, was taken to Sant’Orsola in moderate condition and recovered after a few hours.

Source: Today

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