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“There’s a bomb on the plane”: alarm closes the airport

Moments of fear on Tuesday in the Sardinian port of Olbia: what happened

“There is a bomb on the flight arriving from Milan.” An anonymous telephone call made at 16.30 on Tuesday, October 17, caused an alarm at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. The airport was evacuated and all scheduled flights departing and arriving at the airport were suspended. After urgent checks carried out by Polaria agents and a bomb squad arriving from Sassari, no device was found. According to preliminary data, a caller with a Sardinian accent reported the presence of a bomb on an AeroItalia flight from Linate in Milan.

About a thousand employees and passengers waited for more than three hours: evacuation procedures and plans virtually covered all sectors of the airport. Police are already working to identify the person who made the phone call, which also comes at a time of heightened scrutiny of possible terrorist attacks, and will face charges of causing alarm and disrupting public service.

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