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The wedding ends badly: guests destroy a luxury resort in Puglia, damage amounts to 10 thousand euros

Stolen bottles, insults to staff, broken plates and glasses, damaged premises. The owners of the building filed a complaint with the police

They chose a prestigious place for the wedding, but the wedding celebration was spoiled by the attitude of some guests, who, for still unclear reasons, showed an aggressive attitude towards the sanatorium staff, going so far as to empty the rooms. and search the cafe. The events took place in Martina Franca, province of Taranto, during the wedding reception of an Indo-Dutch couple.

The couple chose a prestigious location in the Itria Valley, but something went wrong. The director of the sanatorium reported this. Corriere della Sera that already on Saturday, October 21 (the event lasted two days), some guests began to be extremely unpleasant towards the sanatorium staff, showing both verbal and physical aggression.

On Saturday evening the situation worsened so much that the institution’s management decided to call the police. Some Dutch guests were reported to be particularly furious. The damage estimate is 10 thousand euros. Guests allegedly damaged vases and a wall in the parking lot, stole bottles, broke plates and glasses, and destroyed showers in the rooms. And even the night did not bring any advice to the distraught guests. “The unpleasant scenes against our employees were repeated on Sunday,” the resort manager said. It must be said that in addition to paying the bill, the groom would also pay for the damage. However, bitterness for the ruined party and towards it remains, which is difficult to understand. The owners of the structure decided to file a complaint against five people responsible for causing the damage.

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