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“The mafia is strong”: Grebenshchikov was buried by Russian show business

Russian show business died with the advent of Tik Tok and YouTube, former Star Factory participant, musician, TV presenter Mikhail Grebenshchikov told NEWS.ru. In his opinion, now radio stations are imposing their artists, and the charts of many sites on the Internet and the ratings of musicians on social networks cannot be trusted at all.

It (show business) seemed to never rise, it was dead. It will be so while the old men are in power, these showbiz mafias can be counted on one hand. Win, don’t win (music competitions) – no matter how much money you give, so many views, auditions, and they’ll cheat you. We have returned to the Russian Middle Ages. Once again, the vain guy who wrote a couple of hits in the 70s will sit with a blurred face and think that he is great and has done something for music. So the mafia of Russian show business is still strong, says Grebenshchikov.

The day before, TNT director Tina Kandelaki announced the launch of the “New Star Factory” on her Telegram channel. In the publication, Kandelaki noted that “music today needs a reboot.

Previously, producer Viktor Drobysh said that “Star Factory” is the best music format on television. Former project participant Mikhail Grebenshchikov expressed the opinion that the relaunch of “Star Factory” is another money laundering. According to him, people who join this show will suffer “another psychological trauma.”

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