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The ex-participant of “Gems” was kicked out of the house by his wife after 40 years of marriage

Singer Sergei Belikov complained that he was forced to live in a rented apartment after his wife kicked him out. The musician’s words are reported by Channel Five.

“A year and a half ago, within my family, primarily from my wife, with whom I lived for more than 40 years, I suddenly received a whole heap of some absurd, phantasmagoric reproaches and accusations – in modern terms, a complete set of cruelty,” the artist was indignant.

Belikov noted that after breaking up with his wife, he lived with his son for some time, but he advised his parent to look for rented housing. The musician said that he did not argue with the child because he did not want to be prohibited from communicating with his grandson because of the conflict:

“And it was only because of him that I did not break anything in the foundations in which my children and my grandchildren live. I simply collected the things that were put out on the street for me, rented an apartment and now live alone.”

Belikov has two children from his wife Elena. Son Grigory gave his father a grandson, and daughter Natalya, who has lived in London since 1996, gave him a granddaughter. During his career, the musician collaborated with the group “Gems”, as well as Yuri Antonov and Alexandra Pakhmutova. Solo, Belikov performed the hits “Sleep-grass (Trouble has green eyes)”, “Live, spring”, “I dream of a village”, “Sentimental walk”, “Everything I have in life”.

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