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The ex-lover of Andrei Urgant explained why the actor never asked her to marry

Actor Andrei Urgant and Elena Romanova were together for 10 years, but it turned out that the couple never legalized their relationship during this time.

“At some moments I was upset and wondered why this was happening. Well, now I don’t even know: was it right or not? Would I really like a stamp, a last name change and all these stories? We probably discussed this issue with him once, although I don’t even remember it,” Romanova admitted.

Like any girl, she dreamed of getting married, but having moved in with the actor, Romanova stopped giving importance to this, since in secular circles she was known as Urgant’s wife, reports “Moscow’s comsomolets

Common-law spouses broke up in the summer of 2019. Later it turned out that Romanova was pregnant, but not from the actor. So, the girl admitted that before pregnancy she and Urgant had not lived together for several years, but continued to do common things.

Recently Andrei Urgant reported that made a career first place and devoted little time to raising his heirs. He also admitted that he would not want to change anything if there was such an opportunity. At the same time, he treats his grandchildren condescendingly.

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