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The court ordered Akinshina’s ex-husband to repay the debt in parts

Actress Oksana Akinshina entered into a settlement agreement with her ex-husband, film producer Archil Gelovani, who owes her more than $500 thousand. StarHit reports this.

“Archil Viktorovich will pay the debt in cash and in installments according to the schedule. He must make the first payment out of four no later than November 15, and the last one on September 1, 2025,” the publication’s interlocutor said.

Gelovani can repay the debt ahead of schedule if he notifies Akinshina about this in writing. If, on the contrary, he fails to make the payment on time, he will be subject to a fine.

Akinshina has been married to Gelovani since 2012. The couple have two children: 9-year-old Konstantin and 6-year-old Emmy. In 2016, the actress and her husband entered into a loan agreement with a guarantee, transferring him $508 thousand until January 2017. In 2018, rumors appeared about their separation.

In April 2023, the Container star sued Gelovani. They managed to conclude an agreement only after three court hearings. According to media reports, Akinshina is now in a relationship with Danila Kozlovsky. Celebrity relationships began to be written about in 2020, after the release of the film Chernobyl.

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