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Svetlana Nemolyaeva spoke harshly about Alla Pugacheva: “Tumbleweeds”

The famous Soviet and Russian actress Svetlana Nemolyaeva spoke critically about the position and behavior of singer Alla Pugacheva, who, having condemned the SVO, left for Israel, and now moved with her foreign agent husband Maxim Galkin and children to Cyprus.

According to People’s Artist of Russia Nemolyaeva, for her “The Motherland is a mother.” She noted that if “someone leaves our country, there is no longer trust in this person and you say goodbye to this person.”

“I will never be able to trust people like Pugacheva. For me, the Motherland is everything. I love my country, I was born in it, my parents are here, my grandparents, my son, grandchildren, my Sasha was born here and buried, my favorite theater. And my nature. I love it, I can’t live without it,” leads words by Svetlana Vladimirovna aif.ru.

She also recalled that during the Soviet era, traveling abroad was a dream, but even then, after two or four days, homesickness appeared.

The feeling of the Motherland will not allow leaving it, Nemolyaeva is convinced.

“And if you don’t have this feeling, it turns out like with Pugacheva. Tumbleweeds… A person without roots. So he will look for somewhere better,” the actress believes, adding that she has “such people in her own way.” it’s a pity” because they are “unfortunate”.

Let’s remember that Laima Vaikule’s husband Andrey Latkovsky confirmedthat Pugacheva and Galkin left from Israel to Cyprus. Presumably they are planning spend about a year on the island.

Previously Nemolyaeva harshly commented actions and words of Ukrainian colleague Vladimir Talashko, declaringthat he and others like him “will be punished by God.”

Source: Rambler

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