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Spectators of the concert in memory of Shatunov criticized the performance of SHAMAN

Listeners of the tribute concert in memory of Yuri Shatunov criticized the Russian artists who covered the compositions of the “Tender May” soloist for inaccurately following the original. msk1.ru reports this.

“I was at the concert from beginning to end. I liked some of it, but mostly I didn’t like it. Because they re-sing in their own manner, and I didn’t like the way Bulanova and SHAMAN re-sang,” said listener Svetlana Dobrotenko.

The woman is called a long-term fan of Shatunov. She came from St. Petersburg to Moscow for the concert and even missed the return train.

Another fan admitted that she did not like SHAMAN’s performance at the event, since the artist never knew the star.

“The guys who knew him weren’t invited here. Neither (Sergei) Serkov, nor anyone was invited,” she noted.

Tribute concert dedicated to Shatunov “Yura Was Here!!!” took place on October 17 at Crocus City Hall. On it, popular artists performed hits from the repertoire of the ex-lead singer of the group “Tender May”. The event was also attended by friends and relatives of the musician, who shared stories from his life.

Source: Rambler

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