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Singer Vera Brezhneva found a job immediately after her divorce from Meladze

Ex-member of the VIA Gra group Vera Brezhneva responded to numerous rumors about a divorce from Konstantin Meladze. The artist divorced the composer, but tried to keep the reason secret.

Only indirectly did Vera Brezhneva make it clear that she was officially divorced and said that she was now only engaged in music. Immediately after this, speculation appeared on the Internet as to why the couple divorced.

Among the reasons given were political differences, separation due to infidelity, and even a “boomerang.” Vera Brezhneva was previously accused of divorcing Konstantin Meladze, and supposedly now “the answer has arrived.”

Unable to restrain herself, the singer nevertheless commented on the divorce and asked for delicacy and respect. Vera Brezhneva admitted that there are now many rumors on social networks about a breakup with Meladze, calling them “speculative.” The celebrity demanded for herself and her ex-husband the right not to comment on this.

“With gratitude and respect for each other, we ask everyone to respect our decision,” Vera Brezhneva said.

The celebrity also found a job – she launched a “transformation marathon.” The ex-wife of Konstantin Meladze offers help to other women and promised that she will go on air and tell subscribers about how to upgrade themselves.

It is known that Vera Brezhneva will announce the tariffs for her marathon later.

As the portal 2×2.su wrote earlier, Konstantin Meladze sold the mansion in the Moscow region for 300 million rubles. The composer got rid of expensive real estate immediately after his divorce from Vera Brezhneva; journalists suggest that this is due to the fact that the couple is dividing property.

Source: Rambler

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