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Singer Slava said that she woke up from a cannon shot in Vladivostok

Singer Slava told followers on Instagram (the owner of the company Meta is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned) that she was awakened by an artillery shot in Vladivostok.

“And suddenly, it (happens) at 12 o’clock. Just thunder. Well, not thunder, but a blow from some kind of weapon… I think: well, a drone, God forbid! What to do? I’m already a granny, I think: “Go back to sleep!” – said the artist.

The performer noted that her team later explained to her that in Vladivostok there is a tradition of marking noon by firing an artillery gun.

At the same time, Slava summed up that this situation reminded her that there is only one life.

“She is alone so much that live and enjoy!” – said the artist.

It was recently reported that Slava was outraged by the recent release of the Malakhov program, noting that the creators of the program do not set themselves the goal of telling viewers the truth. The issue was dedicated to the conflict between the artist and surgeon Timur Khaidarov.

On July 22, singer Slava accused Khaidarov of doing her breasts poorly. She noted that after surgery she noticed breast asymmetry and “disgusting scars.” Khaidarov himself stated that the singer did not follow recommendations for caring for scars after surgery. After this, more than 50 more girls signed a collective letter against the surgeon. Lawyer Elena Senina is handling the case on behalf of the victims.

Source: Rambler

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