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Singer Slava reported a deterioration in health amid embarrassment in Nizhnevartovsk

Singer Slava complained on Instagram (the owner company Meta is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned) about health problems.

Slava said that her back hurts, she feels dizzy and her cough still hasn’t gone away. The actress admitted that she could barely stand on her feet. However, the singer asked not to worry about her. In her opinion, “nothing terrible” happened.

“There are simply zero conditions for recovery. Grandma is at her limit,” the performer said indignantly.

On October 24, it became known that Slava forgot the words from her song “Fellow Traveler” during a performance in Nizhnevartovsk.

At the beginning of October, Slava began a big tour of Russian cities. In total, the performer will perform in 18 cities in October. After Nizhnevartovsk she went to Surgut, and then to Gubkinsky, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy and Kurgan. In November, the artist will hold 16 more concerts.

In September, Slava admitted that she was faced with a “terrible” cough. She complained that her throat problems had not stopped for five months. According to the singer, doctors did not find any diseases in her. Slava also took antibiotics and hormonal drugs, but this did not help.

Source: Rambler

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