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Singer Nastya Zadorozhnaya announced her retirement

Actress Nastya Zadorozhnaya announced in the anniversary edition of the program “12 Evil Spectators” that she had completed her acting and music career.

Zadorozhnaya said that she is now volunteering and hosting a project dedicated to animals on television. The star clarified that she is happy and loved.

“What happens to me in 2023? I am no longer a singer or an actress. I represent the interests of our little brothers, I am a volunteer,” the singer shared.

Zadorozhnaya began playing music since childhood. In 1996, she became the lead singer of the children’s music group “Fidgets”. In 2007, the artist released her debut album “Up to 17 and older…”.

In 2001, Zadorozhnaya made her film debut in the series “Simple Truths”. She gained the greatest fame in 2005 when she played in the project “Club”.

Zadorozhnaya’s filmography includes more than 40 works. She played in such projects as “Beauty Queen”, “If only”, “Bachelors”, “Mother Don’t Cry 2”, “Happy Together”, “Love in the City”, “Prisoner of the Caucasus!”, “What men create! 2″.

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