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Singer Kristina Orbakaite refused to film in New Year’s shows

Journalists from federal publications found out which Russian stars will participate in New Year’s TV shows. On the night of January 1, TV channels, according to tradition, will launch a kaleidoscope of music and entertainment programs. Filming of some TV projects has already begun.

As he writes “KP“, a concert “Song of the Year” is planned in Russia at the beginning of December. The TV version of the concert will be shown during the January holidays.

There is already a list of artists who will entertain Russians on New Year’s Eve. Viewers of Russian TV channels will see performances by Grigory Leps, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Dima Bilan, Lev Leshchenko, Alsou.

Polina Gagarina, recognized as the most popular singer in Russia, will also appear on all TV channels. Anna Asti, Lyusya Chebotina, Klava Koka will sing. Ani Lorak also returned to the Russian stage.

SHAMAN will not be left without attention – he also, according to VTsIOM, became a popular singer in Russia this year.

But Kristina Orbakaite did not agree to participate in the “blue lights”. The artist left for the USA in the spring; she has no plans to return home. Orbakaite lives in America with her daughter and husband. Her eldest son and his wife are also there.

Valery Leontiev will not return to Russia for the New Year either. The artist missed all the New Year’s filming last year. After February 2022, Valery Leontyev never returned to Russia.

It is unknown whether Alla Pugacheva and her children will fly to Russia. In fact, she will have nothing to do at home; her children and husband are abroad. According to the latest information, the Diva left Israel with her family for Cyprus, where she has expensive real estate.

By the way, Russians are not particularly upset that some artists will not return to Russia for the New Year.

“It’s time to call the singers from “The Voice” (0+) for New Year’s Eve – such wonderful voices. And I’m already tired of these, it’s the same thing from year to year. I’ve been watching them for 68 years” “Loss of losses” “Is anyone waiting for them in Russia??? It’s not a big loss, they think they’re the best,” they write on the Internet.

As the portal 2×2.su wrote earlier, the media found out where does Kristina Orbakaite’s youngest son disappear?. It turned out that Denis Baysarov did not return to Russia for almost a year.

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