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She gives birth alone in the bathroom and leaves the newborn naked on the street under a car: a psychiatrist’s conclusion

The nurses and doctors chose the name “Francesco” for him: he is fine. Born a few hours ago, perhaps a few minutes, he was abandoned in Osilo by a young woman of 29 years old, arrested for attempted murder.

The hospital staff chose the name “Francesco” for him: the boy is doing well. Born a few hours, perhaps a few minutes ago, he was abandoned on the street on Wednesday morning in Osilo (Sassari) by his mother, who was arrested for attempted murder.

The mother is a 29-year-old girl living in the same house as her family: she gave birth alone in the bathroom of the house, cut the umbilical cord, went outside before dawn, when it was still dark, and left her baby on the asphalt, under a parked car. The girl’s mother, awakened by the noise, heard screams, tried to understand where they were coming from, and then noticed the child crying. At this point, the 29-year-old, perhaps in a moment of clarity, would have tried to somehow wrap him in a blanket to protect him from the cold. Emergency services were then called. No one in the family knew about the pregnancy.

In the next few days, Francesco may leave the neonatal unit of the mother and child unit of the University Hospital of Sassari, and the juvenile court will activate the procedure for placing him in foster care with a family. The child’s mother was hospitalized in shock at the same institution. Dropped off by police, she is expected to appear before a judge in the next few days to confirm her arrest. Attempted murder is disputed.

Her lawyers have demanded a psychiatric examination: “She is shaken and in great pain because of what happened, but we cannot determine whether she is aware of what happened and, if so, to what extent,” they say. Therefore, precisely in order to establish the psychological state of the woman and guarantee the necessary path of assistance, we will begin a psychiatric examination. The 29-year-old will remain in hospital for at least another 24 hours. After his resignation, he will have to appear before the investigating judge of the Sassari court for a hearing to confirm the arrest: however, at the moment the date has not yet been set.

Investigations will continue. The prosecutor leading the investigation has ordered the seizure of the woman’s mobile phone, which will now be analyzed by experts to see whether she appears to have done everything alone or with someone else’s assistance, which would have been ruled out at this point. According to a report today, New Sardinia, a placenta was also found and removed, which was dumped on a nearby sheet metal roof after the birth. In Osilo, the case deeply shocked the entire country.

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