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Sergei Zverev named the reason for his rare appearance on screens

Stylist Sergey Zverev told in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda about why he rarely appears on screens lately.

Earlier, publications appeared in the media that the star hairdresser was tired of a luxurious life and intended to leave for the village.

It is noted that the stylist announced the reasons for his seclusion at the social premiere of the comedy “On a Ruble Without a Ruble,” in which he played a small role.

“I’m not tired of the luxury life! In that interview they simply cut a piece out of context. There were a lot of questions about luxury, and so as not to have to answer this whole bunch, I said that I was already tired of this luxury,” Zverev admitted.

The stylist explained that in this way he got rid of journalists and answers to unwanted questions.

Zverev clarified that he tries to appear on screens and events less often, because when an artist does this often, he becomes like an animator and not a superstar.

The stylist noted that for many years he has been involved in charity work, visiting orphans, helping cancer patients and migrants. He added that his mother grew up in an orphanage.

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