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Rigged public competitions: money for exams, six are under investigation

An army soldier and five prison police officers are in trouble

In Caserta, six people are under investigation for influence peddling: according to the charges, they received money for helping to pass some public competitions. Among those under investigation are a military serviceman and five prison police officers. According to an investigation coordinated by the prosecutor’s office at the Santa Maria Capua Vetere court and carried out by the financial police, individuals boasting connections to public officials were illegally given sums of several thousand euros in order to guarantee the successful completion of public competitions.

The prosecutor’s office clarifies that those involved in the case, whose personal details are not mentioned, must be presumed innocent until a final verdict is rendered, “and in any case, the measures were taken without cross-examination with the parties and the defense, and that the cross-examination will be conducted by a third judge, who will also will be able to assess the lack of any responsibility on the part of the suspects.”

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