Second Sapo NewsRepsol has invested in an electrolyser capable of producing 350 tonnes per year of renewable hydrogen for industrial use, mainly in oil refineries, as a feedstock to produce products with a lower carbon footprint.

Renewable hydrogen is also being used on the logistics platform of the Abanto Zirbana Technology Park, located 1.5 km from Bilbao, as a fuel for buses and heavy transport, thanks to the installation of the first water supply line (hydrogen source) in the Basque Country.

Repsol also said that Petronor will have two more electrolysers in the coming years, with capacities of 10 MW and 100 MW, and that it will install other electrolysers near the remaining industrial centers in the Iberian Peninsula as a decarbonization lever.

Multienergética also emphasizes that the development of these electrolysers will create the necessary infrastructure for the use of hydrogen in industry, transport, and the renewable gas and electricity sectors, promoting European production linked to these sectors.

This is another step towards their decarbonization plan, which aims to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere by 2050.