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Representatives of Allegrova reacted to Chebotina’s cover of “Empress”

The director of singer Irina Allegrova, Vladimir Kvyatkovsky, in an interview with NEWS.ru, said that he has nothing against singer Lucy Chebotina’s performance of the song “Empress”. He added that the rights to the song belong to composer Igor Nikolaev. He wrote the composition in 1997, after which it became Allegrova’s calling card.

We only own the performing rights to this song, the copyright belongs to Igor Nikolaev. I don’t know if Allegrova saw the clip and how she reacted, but I myself like Lyusya Chebotina, I have nothing against it,” he said.

Lala, the daughter of Irina Allegrova, answered NEWS.ru’s question in monosyllables about how the singer reacted to the remake performed by Chebotina.

“Not interesting,” said the singer’s daughter.

Earlier, according to the results of a study by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion, the best domestic singer was SHAMAN, who was chosen by 33% of respondents. At the same time, Polina Gagarina was named the best performer. It was chosen by 19% of respondents.

Second place in the corresponding ratings went to Oleg Gazmanov and Larisa Dolina with a result of 11% of the votes. The top three was completed by Nikolai Baskov (10%) and Anna Asti (6%). The list also included Sergei Lazarev, Grigory Leps, Philip Kirkorov and Lev Leshchenko. Favorite performers also included Valeria, Pelageya and Irina Allegrova.

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