According to the Faro District Command for Rescue Operations (CDOS), there were a total of 19 casualties caused by the rain that fell shortly after 08:00, “most of which are the most significant reported in the city of Faro.”

“We have received reports of flooding of some streets in the city center (Faro), which has affected vehicular and pedestrian traffic, but no significant property damage has been recorded,” the same source said.

The source said that after about an hour, “around 9:00 am, the rain stopped, the water was drained through storm systems and the situation returned to normal.”

Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere(IPMA) has placed Faro district on a yellow alert until Thursday due to forecast periods of rain or downpours, sometimes heavy, accompanied by thunderstorms and wind gusts that could reach 100 kilometers per hour in the highlands.