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Prince Moby and his 140 victims: approval of the third commission of inquiry into the causes of the disaster

Victims’ families: ‘We’ve been fighting for years to get to this point and we’re not going to stop now’

More than 32 years after the Moby Prince tragedy, the Chamber of Deputies agreed to the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate the causes of the disaster, the third since April 10, 1991. 282 people voted for her, none. against, three abstained.

In the tragedy that occurred off the waters of Livorno, 140 people died, including 65 crew members. “For us family members, it has been 32 years of suffering, anger and disappointment; but now the question is about putting an end to what happened on the evening of April 10, 1991. to reach this point, and We do not intend to stop now.”

There is no truth and there is no culprit

It was April 10, 1991, when the ship Navarma collided with the oil tanker Snam Agip Abruzzo off the port of Livorno. This is the greatest tragedy of the Italian fleet. The family members’ pain has been made even worse by misdirections and show trials. “We hope that the new commission of inquiry into the Moby Prince Massacre, approved unanimously by the House today, will begin functioning as soon as possible to complete the work done so far in previous legislatures and thus bring this tragic matter to an end. “, say the presidents of the associations of families of victims, Luchino Chessa (Association of families of victims of Associazione 1 Aprile-Moby Prince) and Nicola Rosetti (Association 140).

“Thanks to two previous commissions of inquiry, which worked in a bipartisan spirit, we now know that the procedural truths were clearly incomplete and unfounded,” emphasize Chessa and Rosetti. “There was no fog in front of the port of Livorno that evening, life on board the ferry lasted much longer for more than half an hour, the rescue operation was directed only towards the tanker Eni Agip Abruzzo and within two months the parties signed an insurance agreement (in fact, a non-aggression agreement), which marked the whole tragedy.”

“Today, there are too many mysteries regarding the Moby Prince massacre, but there are no culprits. The parliamentary commission of inquiry will be entrusted with the responsibility and task of preventing this terrible and dramatic event from turning into another Ustica,” said Democratic MP Marco Simiani in the Chamber while explaining the vote.

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