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Pedestrians attacked again: two boys in very serious condition

Two separate accidents in Milan in the last 24 hours: “The city is moving at 30 kilometers per hour”

More accidents involving pedestrians. A 25-year-old boy was taken in a coma to Niguarda Hospital in Milan after he was hit by a taxi in Piazzale Tripoli in Milan. The accident occurred on Sunday evening after 21.30. 118 rescuers and local police arrived at the scene to reconstruct the exact dynamics, in particular, who drove through the red light: a taxi or a pedestrian. This is the second accident in 24 hours in the city in which a twenty-year-old pedestrian was hit by a car and is in very serious condition.

In fact, on the night from Saturday to Sunday, a 26-year-old boy was taken to the Niguarda hospital in very serious condition, intubated with a suspected fracture of the pelvis and limb. He is now hospitalized in stable condition in a hospital with a moderate prognosis. Around 2:45 a.m. on Sunday, a young man was hit by a car as he walked through Chiesa Rossa, an area with various clubs along Naviglio Pavese.

In Milan, pedestrian accidents have become a central topic of debate in the city, with supporters and opponents of low speeds, pedestrian zones and bike lanes. At least 12 pedestrians have been killed in hit-and-run incidents in the city from February to date. Life was cut short approximately every three weeks. “We need the city to move at 30 kilometers per hour,” said Carlo Monguzzi, head of the Europa Verde group at the municipality.

To try to put an end to the accidents – five cyclists and a man on a scooter have also been killed since the start of the year – Milan municipality created a road safety working group earlier this month. The group’s mission, Palazzo Marino announced, will be to “support the administration with proposals that will help improve the safety of vulnerable road users and reduce traffic congestion.” There is no more time to waste.

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