In a statement, the consultant explained that the study was conducted on 20,000 people distributed across different geographic regions, gender, age, education levels and social class.

NOS Alive was the event with the highest reputation in the world (72.0 rating), followed by Rock in Riowhich was not there this year, Super Bock Super Rock AND Vodafone Paredes de Cura.

The company explained that events “are selected after their spontaneous identification, passing through a second phase in which recognition/familiarity and emotional (relevance, trust, admiration and preference) and rational (group, entertainment services) attributes are induced. Support, innovation. and sustainability) associated with them.”

In the area of ​​emotional reputation, Alive was also the highest rated event, but Rock in Rio was ultimately recognized in the “rational index” study.

The list also includes festivals such as MEO South-East, California Vilar de Mouros, EDP ​​Cool Jazz, Sumola Summer Festival AND MEO Mares Vivas. They remained outside the study for MEO Kaloramathe second festival of which took place this year in Lisbon, as well as festivals dedicated to more specific musical styles such as Sonic explosion, Boom Festival And Roll loudly.