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Nine-year-old boy beaten to death: teachers notice

The 39-year-old stepfather is under investigation for domestic trauma and abuse.

They tied me to my body and spanked my private parts. A nine-year-old boy has been hospitalized with a 20-day prognosis (barring psychological complications) after being beaten to death, apparently multiple times. The mother’s partner, a 39-year-old Moldovan citizen, is under investigation on suspicion of violence.

The investigation is being coordinated by prosecutor Sergio Dini, who has listed the man as a suspect on charges of multiple aggravated bodily harm and domestic violence. The prosecutor’s office asked for a preventive measure in the form of imprisonment, but the investigating judge chose to prohibit him from approaching the child and remove him from the family home. The events took place in the province of Padua.

The investigation began on October 10 last year when a little boy was hospitalized and later transferred to the pediatric ward in Padua due to beatings he had suffered.

The investigation against the Moldovan was initiated by the child’s teachers, who realized that something was wrong in the last days when the child appeared at school. In particular, the teachers noticed bruises and marks on her body. Carabinieri investigators were also informed of the case and the dramatic truth was eventually established. The child was allegedly beaten several times, including in his private parts, with a belt and even with an electric cord. Unheard of violence.

An even sadder aspect of this story of violence is dictated by the fact that the child’s natural mother justified the child’s serious health condition by reporting that he fell off a bicycle. Investigators are convinced that the woman, also Moldovan, lied to avoid being violated by the man she loved but never accepted her son.

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