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Musician Konev accused Gubin of stealing the hit “Tramp Boy”

The Muz-TV channel released a biographical film “Hello, Andrey! Is Gubin coming back? The documentary also told the scandalous story of the hit “Tramp Boy” by singer Andrei Gubin.

The author of the lyrics, Sergei Konev, stated that the artist, popular in the 90s, appropriated the song “Tramp Boy.” Then Konev was an aspiring author and brought several of his works to the rising star.

— His father Viktor Viktorovich really liked one of the songs, it was called “Lone Wolf.” Subsequently, Andrei made a hit out of it, “Tramp Boy,” he said.

However, in the Russian Society of Authors, Andrei Klementyev (Gubin’s real name) is still listed as the only author of this song.

Andrey Gubin said that the work of the singer SHAMAN is so old-fashioned, which even in the 1990s would have seemed irrelevant. According to him, he tries to follow fashion trends in show business and find interesting artists. But he categorically does not like some of them, and in particular SHAMAN.

Source: Rambler

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