Pordata processed data from the National Institute of Statistics(INE) to create a portrait of the level of poverty in the country.

Through them you can find out, for example, that in 2021, according to the tax returns submitted annually by taxpayer families, “more than a third of families (36%) lived on at most 833 euros per month.”

“If we add the following income range, we come to the conclusion that more than half of the declarations (53%) correspond to incomes up to 1,125 euros gross per month,” explains Pordata, highlighting that 688 thousand tax aggregates were in the minimum income. range. IRS (equal to 417 euros per month).

However, taking into account reported income, “the financially richest 20% of families earned 3.5 times more than the poorest 20% of families” and “in municipalities such as Lisbon, Porto, Oeiras and Cascais, the difference is five times higher.” “.