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Maxi-fight on the street: 30 children beat each other with rods and sticks

This happened on the afternoon of Wednesday October 18 in Milan. The case is being investigated by the police

A major street fight took place on Via Console Marcello in Milan (Villapizzone district) on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 18th. About thirty boys stood facing each other with rods, clubs and (it seems) even a katana. No injuries were reported, but police are investigating the case. It all happened shortly before 17:00, when several passers-by reported a large fight to 112. Police intervened at the scene, but upon arrival, two groups of boys (described by witnesses as having North African features) had already disappeared. and Asians).

Some of them were escorted to the barracks for necessary checks. Some useful investigative elements can be obtained from CCTV cameras installed in the area. Not only that, but hospitals are also being checked: the police are trying to find out if any of them showed up spontaneously in the emergency department. It is not yet clear what sparked the scandal. It is possible that the boys met to “resolve” a previous quarrel with violence.

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