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Loboda: “Fans from Russia write: “Why did you leave us?”

Singer Svetlana Loboda left Russia some time ago, and was also caught with some inaccuracies in her behavior. At first she planned to give up the Russian language, but she never did, because she realized that it brought her more income, and then she promised to stop performing, including private parties.

Perhaps she no longer performs on Russian territory. However, he continues his activities at any opportunity. By the way. According to Svetlana, Russians treat her very favorably. The girl once assured that fans even ask her to return, asking her logical questions about why she left Russia so suddenly and actually voluntarily gave up her superstar status.

“Fans from Russia write: “Why did you leave us, leave us?” But for me, family is the most important thing! I’m sacrificing my career – well, I couldn’t go on stage and smile. How can you be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand? Yes, I lost a lot, because I was the number one artist in Russia,” said Svetlana, discussing her course of life, however, the key point in her decision was that Loboda was never accepted back in Ukraine.

She continues to be condemned for her concert activities in the Russian Federation.

Source: Rambler

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