Second SAPO NewsI’m studying Bounce analyzed European cities based on factors such as safety records, number of clubs and bars and average beer prices to identify the best European party spots.

The title of best party destination in Europe was taken by Lisbon, which took first place with a score of 7.34/10, followed by Madrid with 6.67/10, Valencia with 6.58/10, Prague with 6.53/10 and Monaco in fifth place with 6.26/. 10.

The Portuguese capital boasts a vibrant atmosphere and nightlife, with 59 nightclubs and 35 bars per 100 km². Popular bars and clubs include the luxurious Duque da Rua and Bar A Paródia. Lisbon also received an excellent score for its average beer price of just $2.66 (£2.15 or €2.50), one of the lowest prices among the cities surveyed.

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