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Linda Evangelista revealed details of her battle with cancer

Italian-born Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista spoke in a new interview about cancer treatment and her unusual attitude towards scars after breast removal (mastectomy). Details of her battle with cancer publishes People.

Evangelista was diagnosed with breast cancer twice – in 2018 and 2020. In 2018, she had her breasts removed.

“I also have lung disease, and the removal of the tumor was unsuccessful. Both mammary glands had to be removed. In my case, this was correct,” Evangelista revealed, adding that doctors found that she had a genetic predisposition to cancer recurrence.

Two years after the operation, another malignant tumor was found in the pectoral muscle of the model. Evangelista underwent surgery again, after which she had to undergo a difficult course of chemotherapy. The model emphasized that after the incident she values ​​life even more.

“I’m okay with my scars. I think these are trophies,” Evangelista noted.

In September, Linda Evangelista posed for the cover of The Wall Street Journal. Then she admitted for the first time that over the past five years she had been operated on twice for breast cancer.

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