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Lada Dance appeared in public for the first time after the accident

After a serious accident, the Russian singer Lada Dance went to physical therapy and other procedures for more than a month. Two months after the accident, she was able to return to social life. The artist admitted that she is ready to perform on stage even while standing on crutches.

“I perform on stage with crutches. This is not the first time in my life, unfortunately,” Lada Dance said in an interview with a Channel Five correspondent.

The singer appeared at the Live Arena concert venue in good shape and without crutches.

Earlier it was reported that Lada Dance had an accident in Podolsk. There was a collision between three cars. As a result of the incident, the singer received a traumatic brain injury. After Lada went public, Internet users suspected her of deception; people did not believe in such a quick recovery of the singer, Utro.ru reports.

Source: Rambler

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