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Killed her boyfriend with a knife in the heart: Valentina Boscaro escaped life imprisonment

The woman was sentenced to 24 years in prison for the murder of her boyfriend Mattia Caruso, which occurred on September 25 last year in the province of Padua. The suspect immediately tried to divert the investigation by reporting an attack on a third party.

Valentina Boscaro will not receive life imprisonment. The woman who in September 2022 killed her boyfriend Mattia Caruso with a knife in the heart at the end of an argument in the car park of a club in Albiñasego, a few kilometers from Abano Terme, was sentenced by the Padua jury to 24 years in prison. The verdict was handed down shortly after 9pm yesterday, Wednesday 18 October, at the back of the council chamber: a 24-year sentence for the murder of her 31-year-old boyfriend and the offense of libel. Prosecutor Valeria Sanzari asked for a life sentence for Boscaro, who was charged with premeditated murder aggravated by emotional relationships, but judges applied general mitigating circumstances. After sentencing, Valentina Boscaro will be sent to prison as she is a flight risk despite the electronic bracelet. “Surprise” for the accused, who is reportedly PaduaTodayshe would have asked lawyer Alberto Berardi, worried and incredulous: “But will I have to go to prison? Tonight?”.

Prosecutor Valeria Sanzari stressed that the statements of the accused were “absolutely unreliable”, since “she always lied” about the circumstances of the crime, indicating the culprit in an unidentified “Maghribi”, a version also conveyed to the young people. who intervened to help the victim and then contacted police. In fact, the woman initially told a completely different story, reporting an attack that took place in the parking lot of a club where the two of them had gone to a party. Mattia was approached by a mysterious man to tell him something, he told his partner to wait for him in the car, but soon after a bloody argument broke out. Mattia would return to the car, but after a few kilometers he would collapse on the steering wheel. He would have even managed to get out of the car, but at that moment he would have collapsed on the asphalt. Only then will she, Valentina, understand that he is in pain. A version that immediately seemed unconvincing and actually confirmed little.

When Valentina Boscaro was cornered by judges, she admitted that she killed her boyfriend with a switchblade belonging to the victim, which was then placed in the car while Mattia was still unconscious. A blow straight to the heart in the midst of an argument that left the 31-year-old man unable to escape and he died shortly after being admitted to hospital. More than a year after that damned night, Valentina Boscaro was sentenced to 24 years in prison – a terrible story that, in addition to the sentence, destroyed two families.

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