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“I’m so sorry”: Klara Novikova about the death of the “Pun” star

Comedian Klara Novikova reacted emotionally to the death of “Pun” star Sergei Gladkov. In a conversation with NEWS.ru, the artist said that she was feeling sadness and sadness from the news of the death of her colleague. Novikova explained that they had not crossed paths with Gladkov for a long time and did not communicate closely, but in the past they had the opportunity to work together.

Of course, I watched the show “Pun” and I am very sad to hear about the death of Sergei Gladkov. I even took part in one concert with him and saw a lot in Odessa. The news that a man has passed away causes only sadness and sadness; he was young, only 60 years old. “I’m so sorry that those people I knew are leaving, it’s a nightmare,” she emphasized.

According to Novikova, Gladkov has always been a funny, amusing person for her – a clown in this funny outfit. In addition, the comedian emphasized that the “Pun” team was bright, and complained that there are not many comedy groups in the country, and this is generally a clown’s job.

When a clown dies, it’s generally incredible, this shouldn’t happen, there are very few of them anyway. I offer my condolences,” she said.

Earlier, the screenwriter of “Pun” Yuri Stytskovsky said that Gladkov was a wonderful person with a great sense of humor and a real legend. In his opinion, the images created by Gladkov in clownery and on television will forever remain in the palette of the world’s best acting masks.

Gladkov’s death at the age of 61 was previously reported by his colleagues in “Pun”. The causes of death have not been specified. Farewell to him will take place on Saturday, October 21, in Odessa. According to information from open sources, he is survived by his wife and two children.

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