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“Hunters” come to look for little Kata.

Investigators have returned to the former Hotel Astor in Florence, searching for more traces of the little girl or whoever may have kidnapped her. Also on site was a special unit of Carabinieri, usually on the front line of the fight against organized crime.

New examination at the former Hotel Astor in Florence, the last place where Kata, the 5-year-old Peruvian girl who disappeared into thin air on June 10 last year, was last seen. This morning, Wednesday 18 October, police returned to the building, which had already been searched several times in recent months. However, this time, investigators from the Cacciatori Calabria squadron, a special unit of the Carabinieri trained to deal with kidnappings and organized crime, came to the scene. The new check is being determined by investigators to be more invasive than previous ones, with the aim of searching for possible traces of little Kata in every room of the hotel, occupied at the time of her disappearance by more than a hundred people, especially South American and South American. Citizens of Romania.

New check of former Astor

The main version of the prosecutors leading the investigation is that Kata was the victim of a kidnapping for the purpose of extortion, which could have arisen due to conflictual relations between the residents of the rooms, which then resulted in crimes committed during the occupation. former hotel. Some close relatives of the girl were found to be involved in these crimes and were arrested. Among the versions of Kat’s abduction, there is, by the way, a version of retaliation for a racket involving accommodation in a former hotel, as a result of which the maternal uncle of the missing girl was sent to prison in August. Even the possibility of pedophilia has not been completely ruled out from the investigation. The purpose of the new inspection is to identify any traces of the little girl or her abductor in the building.

Father returns to prison

Meanwhile, little Kata’s father, Miguel Angel Ciclo Romero, returned to prison. The man was arrested last night for violating an undertaking to sign: “The motivation,” explained lawyer Filippo Zanasi, a trusted defender, “is that Miguel did not appear at the Carabinieri barracks on only two occasions, on two others he was late. However, we are confident that we will be able to clarify as soon as possible that this conduct was not committed to avoid an obligation, but for reasons that we will promptly present to the judicial authorities.” “The arrest,” added lawyer Sharon Matteoni, lawyer for Kat’s mother, “has no attitude towards the investigation into the disappearance of a little girl.”

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