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“Huge rat on the train”: video

In a video published by Piedmont’s regional councilor, a mouse can be seen running inside the ceiling lights of the Turin-Milan train on Wednesday, October 18.

A rat walks inside the ceiling lights on the Turin-Milan train. The complaint (along with a video) comes from Silvio Magliano, regional councilor for Piedmont, and concerns a Trenitalia convoy that left Turin Porta Nuova at 5:54 a.m. on Wednesday, October 18, bound for Milan Central. The video was apparently taken by a passenger. A large rat can actually be seen walking around inside the ceiling lights. “Commuters heading to work in Milan at dawn this morning found a huge rat as an unwanted companion. A shameful fact,” Magliano said. “We will bring this matter to the council at the earliest opportunity and ask the council to intervene in the Trenitalia matter,” he added.

A Piedmont councilor spoke of “a very serious episode, significant to the level of quality of care that is worse than inadequate and poor service. The issue here relates to hygiene, safety and the rights of each passenger, who often pays for the service in advance (this applies, for example, to those who purchase an annual pass), to travel in suitable conditions.”

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