“Actors love to be the center of attention; they do well in front of the public. It takes ten actors to change a light bulb: one to hold it, and nine to say, “I should be the one there in the spotlight!”

“Without the entire crew and technical staff, the actors would just be naked people standing on an empty dark stage talking to themselves. Much of the work happens behind the scenes and long before the performance; the scenery needs to be designed, built and painted. ; costumes must be made, worn and cleaned; the props must be found or created; developed sound, lighting and special effects.

“There are choreographers and vocalists, makeup artists, hairstylists and volunteers who take care of the front end of the show, meeting and greeting audiences, running the bar or helping with tickets. There is also an advertising and publicity department that takes care of spreading the news.

“Then, in the evening, there is a stage group – furtive shadows who move the scenery and furniture without the audience noticing; and behind it all, of course, is the director, assisted by assistant directors, who decides every aspect of the show, from the production director who makes it to the production manager who manages the budget and helps hire the people to do it all.

“So there is a place in the theater for every type of person: whether they are theatrical, creative, commercial, practical or have great relationships with people. Amateur theater is about making connections and meeting new people. If you ever thought it was may interest you, please contact me.”

Cinderella – Pantomime will be on stage at the Carlos de Carmo Hall in Lagoa on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November at 19:45, with matinees on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November at 14:00. Tickets priced at €15 will go on sale soon. Follow our posters, I social media and watch this space for more details. www. thealgarveans.com