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Hit twice at a pedestrian crossing: 21-year-old boy killed

He was crossing the road, but he was hit first by a car, and then by another: what happened

A 21-year-old boy who was hit twice this morning, Thursday, October 19, at a pedestrian crossing in front of Labaro station on the northern outskirts of Rome, did not survive. As RomaToday reports, the young man was crossing the road on Via Flaminia at a pedestrian crossing when he was hit first by a taxi and then by a Fiat Doblo. Two cars were traveling in opposite directions.

The 21-year-old guy was taken to Sant’Andrea Hospital immediately after the accident, unconscious and under code red. A few hours later he died. The injuries received were too serious. Both drivers stopped to help and will be subject to alcohol and drug tests.

Double accident reconstruction

Local police officers from Cassia Squad XV were present at the scene. According to the original reconstruction, the running boy was crossing a pedestrian crossing to get to Labaro station to catch a train. At that moment, he was directly hit by a taxi, and then he found himself in front of Doblo’s van, which was driving towards the center, in the opposite direction. Two cars were duly seized and a case of vehicular homicide will now be opened in due course.

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