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“He was just a maniac”: Lera Kudryavtseva spoke about life with a millionaire

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva in the 90s lived with a millionaire who forcibly kept her next to him. She admitted this in a conversation with kp.ru.

“He was just a maniac. I wasn’t married to him. It was the 90s, gangster Moscow, when every other day we had shootouts on the street. I couldn’t do anything with him because of fear. He fell maniacally in love with me. He’s just a schizophrenic. I said: “I don’t love you, let me go.” He answered: “Either you live with me, or I’ll bury you.” I ran away, the guards brought me back. I lived with a man simply by force,” she said.

According to her, the man now lives in France, he no longer contacted her. Kudryavtseva noted that she forgave him for such actions, but called them “several years of hell in life.”

On October 11, Lera Kudryavtseva admitted that she did not care about the talk about her marriage to hockey player Igor Makarov, who is 11 years younger than the woman. The star remembered that Makarov conquered her with his arrogance. She stated that in their first meeting in a restaurant, the man was the first to approach her and introduce himself, while the athlete behaved very freely.

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