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He kills a neighbor for an ATM, hides the body and moves into her house. He told the doorman, “If she comes back, I’ll take care of her.”

Domenico Livieri was arrested on suspicion of murdering Marta Di Nardo, his 60-year-old neighbor. In the house of the alleged killer, you find the victim’s documents.

Domenico Livieri, the man accused of killing Marta Di Nardo, a 60-year-old woman who disappeared from Milan two weeks ago and whose body was found dismembered in a neighbor’s basement, has confessed.

“I hit her on the neck, I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry. I did everything myself,” admitted Liverani, also accused of concealing and insulting a body. The 46-year-old, who had been undergoing treatment for psychiatric problems for some time, confessed to police after eating pizza and taking a nap after charges against him were contested by prosecutor Leonardo Lesti.

Confession of Domenico Livieri

“I stabbed her near the ATM, then cut her in half with kitchen knives, wrapped her in a blanket and hid her in the attic.” The 46-year-old man allegedly claimed to have taken over the woman’s ATM, but investigators have yet to determine whether or how much money was withdrawn. Luminol found very common traces in the apartment on Via Pietro da Cortona. Due to the pungent odor emanating from the corpse, the man apparently decided to enter the victim’s house several times: in fact, he had dinner and spent the night in the woman’s apartment.

The man, who is under the care of the same psychosocial center where the victim, who suffered from psychological disorders and gambling addiction, was treated, is now in Milan’s San Vittore prison awaiting screening interrogation. It has several precedents, including robbery, theft, kidnapping and sexual assault.

The murder allegedly occurred on October 4, when her mobile phone stopped beeping. Subsequently, on October 17, when firefighters entered the apartment following a report of a missing person, they found the 46-year-old man with a medical certificate and traces of food consumed after the murder. After discoveries in two apartments (which are located on two different landings of the same apartment building), a hypothesis emerged that the crime took place in the man’s house and that the body was cut into pieces there.

The Crime of Martha Di Nardo

Livrieri also allegedly told the building’s caretaker that if Martha Di Nardo returned, “he would take care of her.” The caretaker, who described Di Nardo as a “quiet woman”, explained that she had known about her relationship with Livrieri for some time.

“Moreover, the caretaker,” we read in the arrest warrant, “specified that the last time she saw Di Nardo returning home was on October 2, and on October 9, she was approached by Livrieri, who, heading towards the D staircase, told her, that Ms. Di Nardo treated her. When asked if the woman had returned, he replied: “No, she has not, but if she returns, I will go treat her.” The witness “observed Livrieri frequently walking back and forth from Di Nardo’s house with suitcases, and specifically on Oct. 17, she saw him leave one of the woman’s blue suitcases near the front desk and take another red one with him to her home.” That day, the caretaker, together with the resident of the house, opened the blue suitcase and discovered that there were women’s clothes inside.”

Last call, Step by step and the body cut in half: the murderous neighbor and the murder of Martha

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